Not to confuse with J-Goth/Gothic Lolita. Visual Kei Goth are Goths that are more inspired by general Visual Kei fashion, which takes inspiration from Goth, Punk, Metal and Grunge fashion. Due to this, Visual Kei Goths prefer to mix and match fashion styles and music tastes, while still sticking closely to Visual Kei and Gothic styles, either in clothing or makeup.

Some common fashion styles Visual Kei Goth takes inspiration from includes: Punk Goth, Gothic Lollita, Metalhead and other "Kei" styles (e.g. Fairy Kei, Mori Kei etc).

You might find that Visual Kei Goths are very interested in Japanese culture, small or not. Due to this, they may research Japan and its culture, learn Japanese, and partake in Japanese culture when possible.

Some signs you might be Visual Kei Goth include:

  • An interest in Visual Kei groups from Japan and outside Japan
  • A preference to mix and match styles, never really sticking to one particular style
  • Potentially learning Japanese
  • Watch anime and Japanese shows (examples include Black Butler, Diabolik Lovers, Mirai Nikki)
  • If they don't watch anime, they may collect manga
  • Play games from Japan/inspired by Japan (examples include DanganRonpa, Persona, Pokemon, Yandere Simulator etc)
  • Are very open to music styles, very rarely shutting oneself to certain genres or bands

Remember, you do not need to force yourself into a specific style or mold to be Goth. Goth is all about self-expression (as is Visual Kei, actually). Do what makes you feel happy. You can have some of the interests above and still not be Visual Kei Goth, and that is 100% OK.