As we say, you don't have to fit into one Goth type to be considered as Goth; you can be a mix of any or all Goth types listed here. But Goth mixes (also called Divergent Goths, Eclectic Goths, or more inappropriately, Gothic Mutts) take this to a new level as they are a mix of all the Goth Types listed and soon to be listed. This group is usually the most well-rounded, open minded, and is welcoming to newer and younger Goths. I should know as I am myself a Goth Mix.

You could be a Goth Mix if:
  • You feel like all the Goth types apply to you.
  • Your taste in Goth music, dress, or culture transcends all the Goth types listed and soon to be listed.
  • You commune with people of all Goth Types.
  • People consider you as a little weird and out there.
  • You are welcoming to the younger/newer Goths and are not quick to call them "posers".

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